I still don’t know if it will all fit…

How many words can you find to fill in that blank?! My dining room floor has been covered by suitcases and clothing for about 10 days now as I’ve moved through the process of choosing what to pack, what to store, what to donate, and what to throw away. We are pretty sure our donation stack has exceeded 200 pounds by now and let me say, I DO love a good purge. There’s no better way to declutter and pare down than to prepare your home for another family to inhabit; anything we leave out is theirs to enjoy so we’ve had to be choosy about what stays and what “disappears.” The sweet family we were fortunate enough to find has, wait for it, 5 kids 6 years old and under! They are busy and beautiful and I think their energy will be a perfect match for our hidden away tree house. That being said, I’ve decided to store many of our cherished items like a few heirloom lamps and some art work. Best to hide away anything that we aren’t willing to have “used” – especially by curious little kiddie hands.

Art and lamps will head down to our storage area in the basement until we return.
Today I took EVERY house plant I have to my good friend – she’s a biologist and plant lover and runs the conservatory at Samford Univeristy. These babies will probably be so happy they won’t want to come home to me!

We have just 3 more nights in our home before we depart for a single night in Atlanta. On Monday, July 1, we head south for 6 months. We plan to spend about 80 ish days exploring Ecuador and then transition to Argentina for the second half of our first 6 months. We will return to Birmingham for Christmas and New Year’s and then head south again for a 6 month stay in Peru.

We would absolutely LOVE to entertain guests at ANY point during our stay, so if you’re interested in visiting, reach out and let me know!

And guys, please be gentle with me. This is my FIRST blog post EVER. I’m looking forward to learning more about this process and hopefully presenting better and better content!

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Mother of 2. Fishin fanatic. Herp Lover. Yoga teacher. Traveling to South America for a year of adventure.

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