Wacky Fruits of Ecuador

Since I’ve been in Ecuador I have eaten many weird fruits. The first fruit I ate was called the Chirimoya. It was green on the outside and looked kind of like a dragon egg. Inside, it was white and had big brown seeds. I did not like it at all. My sister didn’t like it either. My mom kind of liked it. And my dad loved it.

My sister opening the chirimoya. Doesn’t it look like a dragon egg?
The inside of the chirimoya. You can eat all that white stuff. But watch out for the seeds!

The next fruit we ate was called the Granadilla. The outside was hard and orange. But the inside was soft and squishy. It looked like it was full of mucus, and it had seeds you could eat. I forgot to try the mucus looking stuff, so I only tried the seeds, which I kind of liked. Mommy liked it. Julia liked it. And Daddy loved it. 

The granadilla, or as I like to call it, Snot Fruit.

The next one that we ate – well, I didn’t eat it – was called the King Mandarina. It was like a regular mandarina but bigger, and green on the outside. On the inside, it looked like an orange, and my family said it tasted like one too. They ate it without me, so I didn’t get to try it. But guess what: they loved it.

My dad peeling the king mandarin.
Here’s the inside of the king mandarin – just like an orange!

The next fruit we ate was called the Pitahaya Granel, or Dragon Fruit. It was red and kind of green and had spikes sticking out. Man, a lot of these fruits are like dragons! The inside had little seeds and everything around them was white. My mom thought it looked like a giant, white kiwi on the inside. I didn’t like it. Neither did Julia. My Mom liked it. And Daddy… what do you know, he loved it!

I’m about to cut the dragon fruit.
Here’s the inside of the dragon fruit after we’ve eaten some of it.

I am proud of myself for trying allllll of those weird fruits (except the King Mandarina, which I probably would’ve liked). Also, I learned that I like more basic fruits. In the future, I will keep trying wacky fruits that catch my eye. And maybe – just maybe – I will find one I like.

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  1. Dallas, I enjoyed your very informative fruit critique. I have never heard of any of these and certainly haven’t seen them. I learned a lot. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. This was so interesting! You are correct that one did look like a dragon egg 🥚. The last one was so unique on the inside- it looked as if it had been “stuffed” with a sauce and seeds. I am extremely proud of you for trying new fruits- hopefully, you will find one that appeals to your taste buds. I love you.❤️


  3. Great post, Dallas! I’m glad you’re taking advantage of your time in South America by new fruits. I can’t wait to hear about all the ones you try and love (or at least like) but definitely keep trying. Also, keep sharing. You make me want to go try a fruit I’ve never tried. Have fun. Find things that make you happy each day. Keep posting and sharing about your adventures please!


  4. You are so lucky to get to try these native fruits. With an open mind you’ll have many great experiences abroad. Keep up the good work and great blogging!!


  5. Awesome job Dallas of explaining these fruits. I must say, not sure I would have been brave enough to try them. 😁😳😘


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