I spend a lot of time studying the emerging crypto-economy. And I suspect many people share my interest in the space, but perhaps lack the desire to devote hours per day to staying abreast of the latest and greatest protocols, products, and strategies that are available. So I’ve decided to write a series of posts with the following goal: to share my crypto-related learnings so that readers can either adopt them without having to do the homework I already have, or so they can tell me why my practices suck and perhaps save me from losing my shirt. Seriously – I don’t proclaim to be an expert, so please rip holes in anything that doesn’t ring true.

In my first post, I will describe how I hope to earn 8.6% APY on good ole $USD. I’ll include step-by-step instructions, and layout what I see as the risks that come with the promised reward. Some of the other topics I hope to cover in future posts include:

  • Earn 6% interest on Bitcoin holdings
  • Bet big with crypto options and futures
  • Beat the market with a no-code trading bot
  • Use a mobile wallet app
  • Use a portfolio tracking app
  • Plug ‘n play Bitcoin mining
  • Join a decentralized IOT network and earn crypto

I must mention that I’m neither a financial advisor nor an accountant, and I’m not offering legal, financial, nor investment advice. I’ll simply be describing some of my investments and some experiments I have personally performed, for your informational and entertainment value. In some cases, I’ll provide links to products and services I use, which may offer me compensation for referrals I make. Whenever possible, I’ll provide referral links that offer you some benefit as well.

With that, stay tuned! Post #1 on high-interest $USD savings will be out soon.

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    1. I have, and so have others. See Big Neon (https://www.bigneon.com/) and Tari (https://www.tari.com/). Although I don’t think the goal is (or should be) to stop scalping. Rather, it should be to eliminate rent-seeking middlemen (ahem, stubhub, ahem) from the resale of tickets, create an efficient market that enables accurate price discovery, and ensure that rights holders (artists) and risk takers (promoters and ticket buyers) capture any price appreciation after the initial sale.


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