Helium Project Press Release

Veteran Birmingham Entrepreneur Becomes Helium Patron; Rolls Out Internet-of-Things Network BIRMINGHAM, AL, April 27, 2020 — Following his successful exit from the online ticketing company he founded in 2001, TicketBiscuit, startup veteran, Jeff Gale, has taken on a new role and a new technology project in Birmingham. Gale will serve to help shape a new […]

Earn 8.6% on Cash!*

*or lose it all One of the hottest segments of the emerging crypto economy in 2019 has come to be known as DeFi. Short for “Decentralized Finance”, DeFi promises to revolutionize traditional finance, starting with the most basic banking activities: deposits and lending. A company called BlockFi wants to be a major player in DeFi. […]

Tokenizing ISAs for Trillions

Mark my words: within 5 years, there will be a multi-billion dollar company that hasn’t even launched yet. This company will take the concept of fantasy football to an entirely new level by letting fans (and pure investors) own – in a near-literal sense of the word – their favorite players. This company will productize […]

Go Veg?

I’ve been voluntarily vegetarian (and mostly vegan) for two weeks now. Let me say right off the bat that I welcome any compelling info regarding canivory, veganism, nutrition, etc. I generally try to base decisions on first principles. But there is so much conflicting information on diet and exercise out there (and all of it […]

Money, Weight, and Freedom

Attending Spanish School every weekday morning, I spend a lot of time thinking about etymology, and language in general. I also spend a lot of time thinking about money and freedom. Recently, it occurred to me that the words in various languages for “money” and “freedom” (and “weight”, it turns out) are related in interesting […]